grand canyon helicopter

8 Reasons to Book a Grand Canyon Heli-tour

In my holiday maximisation post, I explained how I’d decided to take a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. The thing about Vegas is theres so much to do that it can be quite difficult to fit everything in. If there’s one thing you simply cannot miss then it’s a swift visit to the Canyon.

It was especially important to us to make the most of our first two nights in Vegas as our good friends Heidi and Dale were there for those days as well! Hurray for holiday overlaps!

We planned the Grand Canyon trip together in advance of our holidays and we agreed that the most efficient and exciting way to visit one of nature’s finest creations would be to take a helicopter tour.

In case you’re not convinced, here’s 8 reasons why you should take a Helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

Sitting Grand Canyon

Hello from the west rim.

1. Save Yourself 8 Hours

If you’re a traveller with limited time, you need to be able to make the most of each hour you have in your destination. For me, this meant avoiding the 12 hour round coach trip in favour of a 3.5 hour round helicopter trip.

Despite the coach trip being slightly cheaper, when you consider that you have ‘spent’ an additional 8 hours of your trip to save c.$100, suddenly it doesn’t seem like such good value after all.

When you’re back sipping bud light by the lazy river at the MGM hotel by lunchtime having already seen the blazing sun rising above the Canyon, you’ll be extremely thankful you’re not sat on a hot bus still making your way there.

2. See the Amazing Landscape

An inadvertent benefit of taking a helicopter the Canyon is the incredible views you’ll get as you take the 45 minute flights there and back. As the helicopter route is slightly different on the way back, you get to see as many sights as possible including Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Bowl of Fire.

You simply won’t want to put your camera down!

grand canyon

The vast-ness was indescribable.

Queue lots of furious photo snapping and stories from the pilot about the history of the area – which includes some pretty ridiculous property price increases and unfortunate town planning incidents.

Hoover Dam Back

The Hoover Dam from ‘behind’

3. Conquer Your Fear

I have always found myself pretty at ease with flying in general, but more fearful of helicopters. I think it’s something to do with the spinning-out-of-control and unable-to-glide thing they do when they wipe out in action movies that makes me a little more wary of them then I am of a 747.

90 minutes in a helicopter not only helped me get over this fear, but left me wanting to embark on helicopter flying lessons!

grand canyon

Maybe one day I’ll pilot a helicopter… right after I win the lotto. 

4. Strip Flyover

At the end of the flight back we looped back over the strip. This, for me, was added value given that you can pay upwards of $100 for that experience alone. If you decided to do the sunset trip to the canyon then you’d fly back over the strip at night in all it’s magnificent light-polluting glory.

grand canyon

5. Champagne Breakfast in the Canyon

Not many folks can say they sipped champers in the Grand Canyon before 9am! Heck, we’re on holiday. The time doesn’t matter! Pass me the bubbles!

Helicopter grand canyon

6. Good Value for Money

If you’re already in Las Vegas and decided against a visit to the Grand Canyon because it is ‘expensive’ then consider this alternative point of view:

  1. The incremental cost of visiting the Canyon is significant, but not disproportionate to the service you’re getting.
  2. The total cost of coming back to The Grand Canyon at a later date because you feel you had missed out is far greater than the several hundred dollars you’re pay now.
  3. It’s not much more expensive than the bus.

7. Bucket List Win

Visiting the Grand Canyon isn’t exactly a rare item on a travel-lover’s bucket list, so why not take the opportunity to knock this one off in style!?

You’ll have little choice but to take the long route when you visit Machu Pichu, so you might as well take this one as an easy win.

grand canyon

8. You Deserve It!

Errr… it’s a holiday. You’ve worked your sorry ass off all year to get to this point so why deny yourself now?

It might feel like a great extravagance when you’ve already haemorrhaged money in the shopping malls and spent more on drinks than you’d spend on a month’s food at home, but this is where memories are made.

It’s worth it and so are you!

Our Tour Details

We booked our tour with Maverick Helicopters, Choosing the Wind Dancer Breakfast Tour which took us out to the west rim and took approx 4 hours from hotel pick up to hotel drop off! I would rate the tour 10/10 for quality, value and convenience! A fabulous tour, and an experience I would thoroughly recommend!




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