10 Reasons it’s OK to be Homesick on Holiday

1. You Miss ‘Normal’ Food

After a couple of weeks of eating out in nice restaurants and having full breakfast buffets, it’s OK to crave a simple ham sandwich or beans on toast. Don’t feel bad about it!

If you’re in the USA and you’re from Europe, you’ll probably find the ‘Chocolate’ in the supermarkets there resembles sweetened wax and ‘strawberry laces’ more like oiled plastic- and that’s the good brands!

I like to try local foods when I’m travelling but all that rich food – however tasty – can get a little bit tedious after a few weeks away.

Hong kong Street Food

There’s only so much street food my stomach can handle.

2. You Miss Your Duvet

My bed is the best bed in the world. I’m pretty sure that’s what every tourist thinks after a couple of weeks of travelling! Even if you’re staying in the plushest of hotels, you can’t beat getting into your own bed at the end of a long day – especially if it’s freshly washed that day. It’s better than 5*, for sure!

hotel bed

A hotel bed is NEVER as good as your own bed.

3. You Need a Proper Brew

I’m a certified tea lover. I probably drink between 10 and 15 cups of tea (many different varieties) throughout the day in the UK. If there’s one thing the British do well, it’s drinking tea.

When I’m visiting a country which doesn’t share my enthusiasm for a good blend, times can be hard. Any cup of tea made with a little capsule of UHT milk isn’t going to compare to my at-home loose-leaf blends sipped from fine china with a dash of fresh milk.

That’s why the first thing I do when I’ve hauled my case back into my house from the car is to pop the kettle on!

4. You miss your crew

Friends, family, dog, cat, goldfish…

It doesn’t matter who or what they are. The people you surround yourself with are what makes your life complete! Even if they drive you to lunacy on a daily basis you can bet you’ll miss them when you’re on holiday!

5. Your hair is terrible

Hotel showers can be unpredictable at the best of times and when you have thick afro hair like mine which has been damaged by years of bleach and GHDs, rinsing shampoo and conditioner out requires a decent level of water pressure. My shower at home is genuinely one of the best showers I’ve been in, so when I’m stood in a tiny cubicle waiting for a trickle of lukewarm water to slowly remove the mass of lather from my scalp I can’t help but pine for my own shower back home.

Not only that – when I’m on holiday, everything electrical seems to perform poorly in comparison to when I’m at home. My laptop charges slowly, as does my phone and if I want to blow dry my hair I’d be better asking my husband to exhale through a toilet roll tube than I would be using my hair dryer.

bad hair day

Heat + Shampoo residue + Chlorinated pools = Terrible holiday hair. 

6. You’re Petrified of Using Your Phone

Charges for all those photos you’re Instagram spamming your friends and family?

Charges for google maps you used to escape San Francisco before there was a full on navigation-based domestic?

Charges for listening to the voicemails that recruiters have left you because you don’t recognise the number and you’re worried it could be important?

Phone bill anxiety is one of those crappy things tat ruins a holiday. At least when we’re home we only have to worry about being charged for a picture message sent as MMS when one of our iMessages won’t send.

7. You Actually Quite Like Roundabouts and Manual Gearboxes

Driving overseas can be a pain if you’re on the wrong side of the road or in a car that you’re not used to (or both). Whilst I don’t find driving overseas particularly challenging, it’s no stretch to say I have to concentrate more to make sure I’m as alert as I would be normally in the UK.

Being alert to local road rules (turning right on red lights in California?!) and remembering you don’t have a clutch is a bit taxing.

Take me back to my right-hand-drive manual… Pronto.

automatic car

Automatic gearbox? meh. 

8. You’re sick of other people

Living out of a hotel is much less private than living in your own house. You’ll need to say hi to the hotel concierge when you past them, eat your meals surrounded by other people and served by other people. You’ll have people coming into your room to clean for you and in many tourist destinations you’ll have people constantly trying to sell you something – be it Jade in Hong Kong or strippers in Las Vegas.

Most of these people will be lovely, but it’s possible to get ‘people overload’ and become a little bit tired of making conversation with well-meaning strangers!

9. You miss TV

OK, so I don’t actually watch that much TV but when I’m on holiday I realise that the quality of programming in the UK is actually pretty high. I want to be able to watch the news at any time of the day and be able to view informed documentaries as well as reality TV with a very low educational value… even if it is just background noise whilst I eat my breakfast and read on my phone.

10. You can resume standard queuing protocol

So you’re at a breakfast buffet and you have a plate in hand. The person in front of you replaces the service spoon and you shuffle along to pick it up. BAM. Out of nowhere, a human less educated in the queuing protocol picks up said spoon and helps themselves. They’re working their way along the buffet in the wrong direction – against the flow of people traffic.

What kind of reckless individual does that?! The first time it happens, you’re able to brush it off as a one-off encounter with a rude individual. After a few weeks, the lack of British-style manners is a little too much to bear and you crave the certainty that comes with joining the back of a queue – and the knowledge that you’ll get your turn when it’s fair and equitable, even if it means it takes an extra 7 minutes to get to the parma ham.

So it’s fine to be homesick. Just make sure you don’t get so homesick that you can’t enjoy your holiday, because i’d bet good money the very things you missed on holiday will be doing your head in wishing a few days of getting back!




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