10 Things You Must do in Las Vegas

Vegas is the only place I’ve ever seen topless pensioners moshing, the Grand Canyon and a drunk singing Elvis tribute act on a scooter within the same day. It’s the kind of place where anything goes, or perhaps that should be where everything goes.

It’s also the kind of place where time just disappears, so if you’re a bit like me only have few days in the ‘entertainment capital of the world’ then you’ll need to make sure you don’t miss these top 10 Las Vegas experiences.

1. Clubbing

Clubbing is something which is typically pretty low on my list of things to do on holiday, but given that we had free entry and that the club was in the same hotel we were staying at, it made sense to give it a go.

We were lucky enough to have a 2 day overlap with two of our close friends as our first two days overlapped with their last two days in Vegas, making clubbing a much more attractive prospect than it would be as a couple!

The club was probably the best club I’ve ever been in – good music, good atmosphere and surprisingly reasonable drinks prices. We saw Burns live at Hakkasan @ MGM Grand. Check out the line up at hotels and then tweet or text promotors (or speak to them around the pool) to get yourself on the guest list.


2. Grand Canyon

I’ve written a separate post about this telling you exactly why you should book yourself a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. You can read that post here.

In short – dramatic views, champagne breakfast and a chance to set foot in the Canyon itself are amongst the reasons you SHOULD NOT miss this!

grand canyon

3. High Roller Wheel

For an epic view of the strip, get yourself a ticket for the high roller at the Linq. Not only will you be elevated on the largest ferris wheel in the world, you’ll have 360 degree views and plenty of time to take it all in! Well worth the ticket price and a chance to take some epic photos!

We took the wheel ride at night, which I would thoroughly recommend so you can see the true glory of the strip and it’s dazzling lights!


4. Cirque du Soleil

I’ve never been a fan of the theatre – I hated panto when I was a child because I couldn’t understand how someone could be so stupid that they would not notice someone behind them after it had been repeatedly pointed out to them. My frustration carried on into adulthood and I tarred any theatre-based show with the same brush.

By the time we reached Vegas I had successfully managed to avoid seeing a Broadway show. Somehow the appeal of an acrobatics based show had more allure than the musicals of Broadway did, and I found myself buying a ticket to Ka.

I must admit, it was pretty darn good. I’d even go again, actually!

5. Shopping malls

Ahhhh! I love shopping.

The malls in Vegas are incredible. Make sure you don’t miss the fashion show mall, right on the strip – it’s like the Trafford centre but in Vegas! There’s definitely some deals to be had – especially if you catch the Macy’s sale at the right time! Set yourself a reasonable shopping budget and let yourself loose! Wahoo!


6. Casino Crawl (Including Bellagio Fountains)

Start at one end of the strip – mid morning – and take a gamble in each of the casinos on your way to the other end of the strip! It’s like a pub crawl, only with the potential to win! Personally I didn’t gamble that much – just enough to be on the slot machine long enough to be offered a free drink!

Make sure you pause outside the Bellagio to witness the world-famous fountain show. It ain’t too bad!


7. Freemont Street

Fremont street is an experience not to be missed, despite it not being to everyone’s taste! It’s home to motorbike gangs mixed in with tourists and opportunistic exhibitionists out to make a quick dollar by flashing their aged bodies at anyone willing to look (not that you can not look).

It’s also the place where you can visit the Golden Nugget (one of the most famous old casinos in Vegas) and the ‘Slotzilla’ overhead zip line which is worth taking a go on!


8. The Container Shopping Park

A nifty and quite quirky shopping park constructed using shipping containers piled on top of each other like lego. Unique shops, a free outdoor cinema and some respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown Las Vegas make this a great spot for a quiet evening.

One tip – despite it’s appeal, it’s not the best idea to go down the slide in the middle of the play area. The turns might be exhilarating for a small child, but for a 5’10” adult they’re rather violent. That slide quite literally ripped my shoes off.


9. Hotel Pool

It’s blooming hot in Las Vegas and very rarely cloudy, so if you’re partial to topping up your tan, take residence by the side of the pool at your hotel. Drink, snack and be merry whilst you take a rest – Vegas can be non-stop if you want it to so it’s good to stop and recharge, even if only for a couple of hours in the afternoon!


10. Buffet Food

What better after an exhausting day shopping and gambling, than an epic buffet for tea? Load that plate and sample everything. Vegas is all about excess and surely there’s only so much damage you can do in a few nights?! right?

What Else Could We Have Done?

There’s a few other things we probably would have done had we stayed another night or two in Vegas such as shooting, nascar experiences and going to one of the paid-entry pool parties like Wet Republic at MGM.

Will We Go Back?!

Yell yes.




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