my favourite travel apps

My Essential Travel Apps

Apps for days. That’s what you’d have if you downloaded an app for everything – because let’s face it – there pretty much is an app for everything now.

In this week’s blog post, I’m telling you which apps I think are a travel-lover’s must. 

Google Maps

Despite being a bit of a data-drainer, I think google maps is one of my most indispensable apps when travelling. I use it to pinpoint where I want to go and then wander freely around cities stress-free, and without the need to rely on a big  folded city map!

Not only is it great for walking, I use it in the place of expensive sat-nav hire when ‘m driving overseas. The cost? Just the daily rate you pay for having access to all the data you usually have I your package – but to use overseas. For me, this means £3 per day in  Europe and £5 per day in the USA. Personally, I think that’s a small price to pay to avoid a) getting lost or b) navigation related arguments.

google maps


Holiday Pirates

For those who haven’t used holiday pirates before, it’s a cheap-deal finding holiday metasearch app. This means that there’s a team of people sat somewhere (in Holiday Pirates HQ) who dedicate their time to searching for the best holiday deals online before enlightening fellow ‘pirates’ to the greatest deals found on the net that day.

It’s inspiring, brilliant and will fuel your wanderlust like never before.

Add to that the potential to hear about ‘error fares’ (i.e. incorrectly priced airline tickets which are dirt cheap) and the potential for holiday bargains is immense! I saw (but missed out on) an incredible deal once for return tickets to Australia for less than it costs to get into London on the train!

It’s an absolute must if you’re not sure when or where to go on holiday. If you don’t already have it, download it NOW!

holiday pirates


Pinterest is my favourite App for discovering things I hadn’t realised were out there to be seen! The concept – in case you haven’t come across it before – is that of a pin board. Instead of cutting out pictures from a travel brochure and articles from travel magazines and pinning them one by one onto the cork pin board, you can save them on your own ‘pin boards’ within the app.

Articles spanning the internet are therefore available in one central ‘library’, each of which is represented by a charming picture. You either pin articles / sites put into the Pinterest general library by other ‘pinners’ or you can pin directly from the world wide web, as you wish!

It’s great for infographics, like ’10 things to do in Las Vegas’ or similar!



Airline Boarding Pass Apps

Make your life easier and save the planet. Download the app of your chosen airline and check in online. Typically you can then proceed to the gate, show your phone and board. If you have nothing to check in to the main hold, then this means you don’t even need to make contact with the airline until you get to the gate, meaning less queues and more time wandering around in W.H.Smith.

The main benefit for me is that I’m far less likely to misplace my phone than a paper boarding slip!


Any Addictive Games App

Bejewelled Blitz. That’s what got me through the dark times on  the long return journey from Bali. Any slightly addictive game which requires little skill or concentration (therefore is possible when operating under sleep deprivation) will do the trick!



Who wouldn’t want to see pictures of their mate riding a giant inflatable unicorn in an infinity pool in Bali? Instagram is great for snapping and sharing travel pictures, and requires much less prose than facebook. Twitter? Why should I limit what I have to say?!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.34.11


There’s no easier way to update friends and family on mass than via a whatssapp broadcast. Easy peasy! It’s also good when you’re in vastly differing time zones, as you or your family members can mute notifications for 8  hours as they sleep, then check for messages in the morning!



I’ve spoken about stubhub before – I used it when we were in New York to get cheap last minute tickets to the Yankees v Red Sox Game. It’s a trading platform for unwanted event tickets and there’s some real bargains to be had.
Search for ‘near me’ in the app and see what pops up. Many of the tickets are available as e-tickets, meaning once purchased you merely need to find your way to the venue and show your phone to gain entry!


Most of the above are related to your holiday experience, rather than the booking process. for more tips on booking, check out my holiday planning page or these links:

  1. Save money on hotels
  2. Last minute holidays without the stress
  3. Holiday maximisation



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