Long Time No See.

Or perhaps that should be long time no writing?! 

My loyal following might have noticed that I haven’t posted any content on here for quite some time. It’s actually been around 3 months. Why? There are a couple of reasons:


1) I started a new job


I’ve been a lot more engaged in this role than I have been in any employed role I’ve ever been in any of my previous roles, which I’m sure you’ll agree is much better than being bored. The flip side is that I’ve returned to working longer hours (a trade-off for the excitement of online retail) and have had to adapt and settle in to my new routine.


2) I’m travelling less


I don’t currently have any big trips booked and although I still have historic content I could blog about, I like to be more ‘in the now’ or ‘present’ hence I prefer blogging whilst travelling than in retrospect.


So What Now?


I have fingers in a lot of pies at the moment and I’ve therefore made the decision to open up the blog to some of my other interests and some areas which takw up a considerable amount of time. Not all of them are travel related, but when you’re a part –time traveller there’s a lot of other quite interesting things going on that I can share and learn from. Here’s some of the things I’ll be blogging about soon…


– Entrepreneurialism

– Self-development

– Career development

– My ‘Craft’ – what I do and how I’m trying to be the best at it!

– Way to expand your network

– Fitness and Nutrition (I’m a fitness addict and qualified sports nutritional advisor)

– The process of writing my first book – including my struggles with perfectionism

– My more-occasional travels, including a plethora of hen parties and my upcoming ski holiday

– My undying love of tea

– My quarter life crisis, including steps I took to get through it!

– Mentorship – being a mentor, having a mentor and the benefits for both people

– Clothes, fashion, design and my love of shoes and bags

It’s certainly a departure from the blog as it was before, but as my focus shifts in my life, so should the focus of the blog. Expect to see a change to the layout of the bog, some of the content and the length of the posts –I’ll post shorter snippets more frequently but not in any particular pattern!
F x


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