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Why You Should Care About Interior Design

I never much cared for decorating, nor was I bothered about having a super-aesthetically pleasing home because it was simply not a priority. I wanted to spend my time and money on travelling, handbags, shoes and eating out considerably more often than I should have.

I simply wanted a clean and minimal home that functioned for studying, cooking, starting businesses and hosting nights in with my friends – and that really didn’t require much consideration as far as I was concerned

Only recently – when I decided to sell my first home – have I started to enjoy the idea of having a beautiful home. The up-and-coming sale process coupled with a little inspiration from friend and up-coming interior stylist Saskia Dooley has lead me to interior design enlightenment!

Why do I suddenly care so much about the detail? Why have I suddenly taken a liking to house plants and rid my entire new-build house of it’s offensive magnolia walls? It’s because I realised that I actually do care about interior design. 

Here are some reasons why you should too:

You Can Get Help.

Even if you’re not sure where to start and you’re struggling to piece together inspiration – there is hope! The professionals can help you. If you were unsure how to change the oil in your car, you’d see a mechanic. If you were unsure how to fix a broken boiler you would (I certainly hope) call I plumber.

It follows that if you’re not sure how to make the best of your home, you can consult an Interior Stylist!

You Can Start Small

Start with a blog. Reading tips and studying the stunning visuals of a design blog is a sensible place to start, and better yet – it’s usually free!

Most credible Interior Stylists will have a blog.


Unsure where to start – try Saskia’s blog – halffilledhouse.com – the title of which was inspired by a move into her first home – a new build which has been lovingly and carefully furnished over time (but for at least a few months was less than half filled).

You SHOULD Love Your Home

Many of us will never be completely satisfied with our houses. We might want a bigger house with more character  and a walk-in wardrobe. 

For most of us, the ‘dream house’ will remain exactly that – a fantasy at best. That’s not to say you can’t make the most of the house you have by turning into an environment that you feel proud of – a place you LOVE to come home to!

For years I put off decorating on the basis that I was going to move anyway so might as well save my time and money for renovating whatever house I was to purchase next. What actually transpired is that I enjoyed our current home less.

We recently decorated with a view to improving the appearance prior to sale and I realised I should have done it much earlier so I could have enjoyed the benefit of the light, bright and fresh environment we had created.

It Might be Cheaper than You Think

It’s possible to spend a little bit and get a lot in return. A good interior stylist will take your budget and max out it’s potential, knowing where best to save and where best to splurge. Similarly, popular trends and hashtags such as #ikeahack lend themselves to creative uses of typically inexpensive furniture that has been somehow altered or re-purposed to make it fit for purpose in a stylish home. Check out these hashtags on Instagram for inspiration and make your pennies stretch further!

Make Small Spaces ‘Bigger’

With house prices rising and wages typically not growing at a rate to match, many of us will find ourselves struggling to afford the living space we perhaps grew up accustomed to.

Clever interior design can make a huge different to the perception of space. That under-stairs cupboard where you chuck your vacuum cleaner, a bucket and your muddy trainers could quite easily be transformed into a walk-in larder by someone with the right creative vision – like this project:


Add Value!

One should never overlook the power of fresh neutral paint, stylish accessories and the removal of irrelevant clutter. If you’re thinking of selling your home, get a second opinion as to whether you could add value with a little interior styling. It could be worth thousands!

Happy Home Styling!

F x


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