“Professional Wanderluster-er”

I like holidays. No scratch that. I LOVE holidays.

I’ve always struggled to reconcile my desire to travel with my lack of:

  1. Funds
  2. Time

I have 30 days annual leave available to me each year. If I’m clever about it, I can tag these days onto a public holiday but even so, that only takes the total up to 36 days. This sounds like a fair amount of travelling time until you factor in the limitations of a typical employment contract – I’ve only ever been allowed 3 weeks holiday in one stint, and that was at the discretion of senior management!

When I travel, I need to travel ‘smart’. I need to optimise the experience of each place that I visit whilst also maximising my value for money and without cramming so much into the itinerary that it becomes a chore!

My travel post are intended to help the time-bound traveller. It’s to inspire the full-time employed daydreamer. It’s a way to share the joy of holiday maximisation and getting the most out of your precious and limited annual leave! Hurrah!


New York

Hong Kong

Pacific Coast Highway – California

San Francisco, CA

Yosemite & Death Valley

Queenstown, New Zealand

Fox Glacier, New Zealand



Las Vegas – First Visit

Las Vegas – Second Visit

The Grand Canyon


Ribby Hall Spa

Geneva / Les Gets

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